Collection of sermons delivered at First Baptist Church Kingston


A Chance Encounter?
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07/17/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley John 4:1-7a I. An Unexpected Journey: (Vs. 4) “He had to travel through Samaria…” Q. How do you think His disciples felt about this venture? 1) Jesus set a grueling ! 2) Jesus stopped at a specific ! 3) Jesus chose the moment in time! II. An Unexpected Result: A Samaritan woman met the Messiah at the well that day, and then invited the whole town to meet the man who had changed her heart and life! Q. How would you contrast Jesus’ attitude towards the woman, and her initial attitude towards Him? III. An Unexpected Twist: Seventeen-hundred years earlier, God was working in heart and life to dig a well! Q. What is significant or interesting about that well? Q. Why did Jacob dig a well that he knew he wouldn’t get to drink from? Point to Ponder: Are you a consumer Christian… or do you dig wells for the people who will come along after you?
Are You Ready?
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07/10/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley Genesis 5:18-24 & 1 Thesselonians 4:13-18
Liberty or License?
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07/02/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - John 8:30-34 1. True Freedom is not contingent upon the form of government under which a person lives. 2. True Freedom is not guaranteed because a person has a faith relationship with Christ. 3. True Freedom is not the license many tout today. 4. True Freedom is only experienced when we live daily in God’s truth. Point to Ponder: Do you know Jesus Christ (The Truth) in a personal faith relationship? Are you walking in that relationship daily?
Lasting Impressions
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06/27/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley 6/25/2017 II Kings 4:8-10 Intro: There are two impressions that we can make on the people we encounter in life: 1) First Impressions 2) Lasting Impressions Q. Which one is more important? When the Old Testament prophet, Elisha, traveled through the village of Shunem, a kind couple extended to him the kindness of hospitality. Elisha had a profound impact on this couple, and made a lasting impression on their hearts and minds because: Point 1: Elisha Had An ________________ For God. Anywhere, any time, before anyone, Elisha stood for God! Note: The word “hypocrisy” comes from the ancient Greek theatre, wherein one actor, using different masks, would play several roles in the same play. Q. When is a Christian being a “hypocrite?” Point 2: Elisha Had An _______________ To God. -Elisha didn’t just serve God when things were favorable or convenient. -Elisha didn’t base his service on what everyone else did or didn’t do. -Elisha didn’t wait until he felt he was “ready.” -Elisha didn’t fall into the “perfection trap.” Q. What role should our feelings play in serving God? Point 3: Elisha Had An ___________ With God. -Elisha had a direct calling on his life from God. -Elisha had seen the power of God in Elijah’s life and ministry. -Elisha saw the rapture of Elijah. Q. Do you remember the moment that God’s love in Christ first penetrated your heart by faith? Point to Ponder: “When you have an uncompromising witness, an unwavering commitment, and an unforgettable experience with God, you cannot help but leave a lasting impression!”
Stephanie Bates - Full Video
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06/23/2017 |
Listen as Stephanie Bates shares how God has intervened in her life and how He continues to write her story.
Repeat, Talk, Bind, Write
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06/22/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley Deuteronomy 6:1-9 1. REPEAT to your children what God told you! 2. TALK about God’s truths in front of them! 3. BIND them as a sign! 4. WRITE them on the doorposts of your house and on your city gates! Point to Ponder: As a father, will you Repeat, Talk, Bind and Write God’s truth in the lives of your children?
Is It Nothing to You?
FirstBaptistKingston |
06/12/2017 |
Lamentations 1:12 Dr. Dale Darley 1, Unconfessed Sin 2. Division in the Church 3. Forsaking Our 1st Love 4. We Have Forgotten The Cross
Salvation Message
FirstBaptistKingston |
06/12/2017 |
John 14
"A Forgotten Concept"
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06/01/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley Philemon 1-25 Point 1: An Unconscionable Reality Point 2: An Unlikely Hero Point 3: An Unbelievable Request Point to Ponder: What is your duty to Christ?
Tyl's - Final Long
FirstBaptistKingston |
05/24/2017 |
“When Kings Stay Home”
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05/22/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley 2 Samuel 11:1-15, 22-27 I. The Situation -The war with Syria was almost won. -The last battle of Ramah was being waged. -In the days when kings go forth to war, David stayed in Jerusalem. Q. Why did David not report to the battle? II. The Sin and Subterfuge The 7 Phases of Sin: 1) David let down his guard. 2) David allowed himself to on the temptation. 3) David with temptation. 4) David succumbed to temptation. 5) The of David’s sin came home. 6) David tried to his sin. 7) David’s heart was hardened. Q. What was the end result of David’s sin? III. The Solution Q. What was the cause of David’s downfall? Q. How does this broken situation in David’s life serve to teach us today? Q. Where are you this morning in your relationship with God? Point to Ponder: * “Make me to hear joy and gladness; that the bones which Thou hast broken may rejoice.”* Psalm 51:8
“A Mom Like Jochebed”
FirstBaptistKingston |
05/15/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley Exodus 2: 1-4:2 1. She Chose Life! 2. She Protected Her Children! 3. She Sent Moses Out Into the World! Point to Ponder: As a godly mother you are changing the world… one little heart at a time!
The Other Side of Jordan ...
FirstBaptistKingston |
05/08/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley Joshua 4:1-7 1. Things Are About To Change 2. Everything Was Changing For Israel 3. You Can Change Your Future Today
“This Generation”
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05/01/2017 |
Mark 8:10-13 Dr. Dale Darley Point 1: “This Generation - Today” Point 2: “This Generation - Back Then” Point 3: “This Generation - The Need” Points to Ponder Q. Is our church equipped for “This Generation?” Q. In which generation are you?
?????? ???? (Come and Get It)
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04/25/2017 |
2 Samuel 23:11-12 Dr. Dale Darley 1. An unlikely hero. 2. An unlikely place. 3. An unmerciful enemy. 4. An unbelievable victory. POINTS TO PONDER a. Will you let the enemy walk away with what God has given you? b. Have you also had enough? c. Are you willing to stand against him right now?
The Day Death Died
FirstBaptistKingston |
04/17/2017 |
Easter Sunday-Dr. Dale Darley Matthew 27:62-28:7 1. The Power of Easter Over Oppression 2, The Power of Easter Over Doubt 3. The Power of Easter Over Death
Come to His Table - Communion Sunday
FirstBaptistKingston |
04/17/2017 |
Mark 14:22-26 Dr. Dale Darley 1. Come to His Table With Understanding 2. Come to His Table With Remembrance 3. Come to His Table With Repentance 4, Come to His Table With Reconciliation 5. Come to His Table With Hope and Joy
Brad Williams - Story Project - Full Video
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04/13/2017 |
Break Free
FirstBaptistKingston |
04/02/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Matthew 18:21-35 1. A Difficult Question 2. A Difficult Reality 3. A Difficult Choice
The Power of a Simple Conversation!
FirstBaptistKingston |
03/27/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Acts 8:26-39 1. It Was a Divine Appointment! (Vs. 26-29) 2. It Was a Simple Explanation! (Vs. 30-35) 3. It Was The Power of a Simple Conversation! (Vs. 36-39)
A New Vision: An Outward Focus
FirstBaptistKingston |
03/20/2017 |
Acts 9:26-31 Dr. Dale Darley
The Crucial Connection: Is It Truly Vital
FirstBaptistKingston |
03/13/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley Acts 9:17-28 1. Paul the Persecutor 2. Paul the New Believer 3. Paul the Church Member
Micah's World
FirstBaptistKingston |
03/09/2017 |
Judges 17:1-6 Dr. Dale Darley 1. Confusing Time 2. An Amoral Man 3. An Evil Intent 4. Application - America is living in Micah's World
Deb McCroskey - Story Project
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03/03/2017 |
Investing in Your Pastor
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02/27/2017 |
Philippians 1:3-11 Dr. Joe Sorah