Collection of sermons delivered at First Baptist Church Kingston


March 11, 2018
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03/12/2018 |
Rev Randy Roper Big Emory Baptist Association, Director of Missions
When You Live in Corinth
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03/07/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - 1 Cor 11:1
My Brothers Guardian
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03/01/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley Genesis 4:1-9 Point 1: Genesis tells us who we really are. Point 2: Genesis tells us what really happened. Point 3: Genesis tells us what we really need. Points to Ponder: You cannot guard what you cannot see.
Simon Says…?
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02/18/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Acts 8:4-25 Introduction: The story of Simon de Montfort… Point 1: The Book of Acts is not only the “HISTORY BOOK ” of the New Testament, but also an account of the mighty works of the Holy Spirit! -God was moving in a mighty way in Samaria! -In this one instance the imparting of the Holy Spirit was distinct from their salvation experience. Q. Why was God deliberate about visibly sending the Holy Spirit to this people group? Point 2: This chapter records how Simon was gloriously saved! -Simon BELIEVED the good news! -Simon responded and was BAPTIZED! -Simon FOLLOWED the apostles. -But when Simon attempted to “buy” the Holy Spirit’s power, he was harshly rebuked by the apostles. Q. Was the apostle’s response to Simon warranted or unwarranted? Point 3: This story in Acts brings into sharp relief a difficulty we are facing as Christians in this day and time in which we live! Q. What one verse of the Bible do people most often quote today, even if they don’t know anything about the Scriptures? Q. What are the effects of “Moral Paralysis?”
A Close Listen
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02/12/2018 |
Dr.Dale Darley - Matt. 26:7-13 Point 1: In COMMUNICATION the reception is just as important as the TRANSMISSION . -Most people only think of one side of communication, the transmission. -Regardless of the medium, listening is a crucial skill that must be developed if true communication is to take place. Q. How are your vital communication skills? Point 2: This passage communicates many important truthes. -Name some of the truths you have found in this passage: Point 3: One over-looked truth of this passage is that RESOLUTION will not always happen in our lives. Q. How do you respond when it does not happen for you? Q. How did this woman respond?
The Measure of Compassion
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02/06/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Luke 10:25-37 Had you grown up in Israel during the first-century thee are several things you would have been born with: 1. A real DISLIKE for the Romans! 2. A HEALTHY RESPECT for the “Religious Establishment.” 3. A PROFOUND HATRED for the Samaritans. 4. An understanding of where NOT to go alone. Point 1: A Tempting question: Q. How would you describe this “expert’s” opinion of Jesus? Q. With what wisdom did Christ approach this attempt to discredit and damage Him? Point 2: A Touching Story: Q. Why didn’t the priest and the levite help the poor man? Q. What is significant about the Samaritan? Point 3: A True Assessment: Q. What is the measure of compassion? Q. Is real compassion for others merely having sympathy for someone who is hurting, or does it go farther?
Hindrances and Sins
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01/28/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Hebrews 12:1-2 Point 1: Hebrews warns us about SIN that ensnares us along the way. Q. Do you really comprehend the tactics your enemy uses against you? Point 2: Hebrews reminds us about the HINDRANCES or WEIGHTS that ensnare us along the way. Q. In what ways can the extra weights go unnoticed? Point 3: Along the way in life a believer has to evaluate her/his life if they are to finish this course Points to Ponder: How much easier would your life be right now if you were to simply let go of, or joyfully lay down, the hindrances and sins that you carry today?
Why Life Matters
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01/21/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley Psalms 139:13-16
What Could Have Been vs What Could Be
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01/15/2018 |
Matthew 23:37-39 Dr. Dale Darley
"Where Your Treasure Is...."
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01/08/2018 |
Matthew 8:19-21 Dr. Dale Darley
Mary's Message for 2018
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01/04/2018 |
Rev. Edsel West Luke 1:30-38
The Joy of Christmas
FirstBaptistKingston |
12/29/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Luke 2:10-11
The Peace of Christmas
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12/17/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Isaiah 9:6-7
What Great Love
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12/11/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - 1 John 3:1
Hope: God Sent a Baby
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12/04/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley -Luke 2:1-7 Point 1: God’s Pespective is Different. Point 2: God’s Economy is Different Point 3: God’s Heart is Different Points to Ponder: What a difference a baby can make.r, Dale Darley
The Power of Friendship
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11/27/2017 |
I Samuel 20:35-42 Dr. Dale Darley
Faith Under Fire
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11/20/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Daniel 3 Point 1: From the Crucible Comes a REVEAL ANSWER Point 2: That Can Stand the Test Any REVEAL ANSWER Point 3: That Will Bring REVEAL ANSWER to God Points to Ponder: When you find yourself in the crucible or the crisis, the key is to put your trust in God… He will never leave you or forsake you!
Taking Inventory
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11/20/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darbey - Psalm 103 Point 1: Thanksgiving is the Heart of Worship! “Thanksgiving is so important, because it lifts us up out of the moment and the things we are facing, and elevates us to the place where we can worhip!” “And worship, when we truly experience it, helps us and heals us, and gives us the joy to keep plugging on!” “Without Thanksgiving you will not be able to reach worship.” Q. The power of Thanksgiving is: 1) It will break the REVEAL ANSWER that your life situation has on your heart and mind. 2) It wll lift you up out of the hole where you can REVEAL ANSWER and get your bearings once again. 3) It will open your heart to REVEAL ANSWER God once again. Point 2: Taking Inventory is the Key to Thanksgiving! Q. What are some of the things that David listed that you are thankful for today? Point 3: Thanksgiving Transforms Our Lives! Q. What are some of the ways that Thaksgiving has transformed your heart and life? Points to Ponder: How long has it been since you blessed the Lord with heart-felt thanksgiving? Note: If this service has touched your heart today, and you would like to know how you can respond or to contact the pastor, go to our free APP, click “Get Involved” and then open the “Connect Card ” option. Thanks for worshipping with us today!
Do You See Them?
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11/02/2017 |
Dr Dale Darley - Luke 7:36-50 Point 1: The Woman Simon Saw -The Scripture differentiates between this woman, and the woman caught in adultery (that I preached about a couple of months ago), by telling us that this woman was a ___________ . 1) Simon saw this woman…all he saw was ____________ ”TRASH!” -The Greek construction here denotes a person who was DEVOTED to a life of sin, not someone who had a lack of judgment. -She was a “sinner” by __________ “Before encountering Jesus, her life was nothing but the sum total of the lowest common denominator…yet she felt like she had accomplished something.” 2) Simon saw this woman in his living room! -She was not invited. -Her presence there was a personal insult to Simon, disrespecting his family and his position. 3) Simnon saw what she did! -To him, this was nothing but an Note: How does Simon’s thoughts and his omissions of common courtesy betray his true feelings about Jesus? Point 2: The Woman Jesus Saw Key Question = “Do you see this woman?” -Jesus saw the person she really was. -Jesus saw the change that had taken place in her. -Jesus saw what she did, and why she did it. Q. How would you tell someone about the transforming power of God’s forgiveness using this woman’s story? Point 3: The People We See -The key question for us today is : “Do you truly see the people you encounter on any given day?” -Simon was spiritually blind to others. Are you? Point to Ponder: Q. Have you ever asked God to help you see people the way that He does? Note: If this service has touched your heart today, and you would like to know how you can respond or to contact the pastor, go to our free APP, click “Get Involved” and then open the “Connect Card ” option. Thanks for worshipping with us today!
Wilson's - Story Project Video - Full
FirstBaptistKingston |
10/28/2017 |
Hear the Wilson's share their story of God working miracles through a tragedy in Sierra Wilson's life.
Lost In the System?
FirstBaptistKingston |
10/22/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Psalm 50:1-15 Point 1: We See a Glimpse of Who God Is (Always!) Q. What descriptors did the psalmist use to describe almighty God that impress you this morning? Point 2: We See a Glimpse of Who the People Were (Back Then) Q. What were the people doing right? Q. What were the people forgetting or omitting from their life and worship? Point 3: We See a Glimpse of Who We Really Are (Today) Q. How does our “system” of faith and worship differ from theirs? Q. How can we lose God in the system? Points to Ponder: “Some people will commit a catastrophic error… they will blame or disparage the system.” Your thoughts?
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10/16/2017 |
Nothing Comes Close
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10/09/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Proverbs 8:10-11 Point 1: The World’s Claim- Silver, Gold and Jewels are of Greatest Value Q. Have you ever come across lost valuables? Q. Have you ever dreamed of finding lost treasures? Point 2: Solomon’s Claim- Wisdom is of Greatest Value Point 3: God’s Claim- Compared to Wisdom, Nothing Comes Close
Man’s Search For Meaning
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10/01/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - John 9:1-5 Point 1: A Physical Blindness -It is no accident, in light of the spiritual blindness of the Pharisees, that the next person the Lord Jesus encountered was physically blind! -The Scripture tells us that this man was a beggar, and that he had been blind from birth. Q. How would congenital blindness be viewed differently than other forms of blindness in Jesus’ day? Point 2: A Cognitive Blindness -Back in Jesus’ day, in that Jewish culture, there were some false beliefs that people held to that blinded them to this beggar’s situation, such as: 1) REVEAL ANSWER things only happen to “bad” people, and REVEAL ANSWER things only happen to “good” people. 2) All diseases, “accidents” and sufferings in life are the REVEAL ANSWER of an angry and vindictive God for the bad things that people do. 3) If you don’t do bad things, and if you don’t get God mad at you, then you will have a long and care-free, REVEAL ANSWER REVEAL ANSWER . Q. Suffering from such severe cognitive blindness, how would the people of Jesus’ day view this man’s physical blindness? Q. If a person today has the same cognitive blindness, how will they view the situations and circumstances of their lives? Point 3: A Spiritual Blindness -As debilitating and difficult as physical and cognitive blindness may be, spiritual blindness is far worse! -Human beings must have meaning or they will not REVEAL ANSWER . -In our society today, people have turned to two belief systems that provide no meaning at all: 1) Post-modernism 2) Atheism -The disciples were looking for blame, but but Jesus showed them the meaning they had missed in their spiritual blindness. Point to Ponder: Q. Are you looking for meaning in life, or ascribing blame?
The Depth of Grace!
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09/24/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Point 1: The Grace of God Defies Our Reasoning! Point 2: The Grace of God Defies the Odds! Point 3: The Grace of God Defines Our Lives! Points to Ponder: 1) Have you ever responded to His grace? 2) Are you walking in that grace today? Note: If this service has touched your heart today, and you would like to know how you can respond or to contact the pastor, go to our free APP, click “Get Involved” and then open the “Connect Card ” option. Thanks for worshipping with us today!