Collection of sermons delivered at First Baptist Church Kingston


What Great Love
FirstBaptistKingston |
12/11/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - 1 John 3:1
Hope: God Sent a Baby
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12/04/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley -Luke 2:1-7 Point 1: God’s Pespective is Different. Point 2: God’s Economy is Different Point 3: God’s Heart is Different Points to Ponder: What a difference a baby can make.r, Dale Darley
The Power of Friendship
FirstBaptistKingston |
11/27/2017 |
I Samuel 20:35-42 Dr. Dale Darley
Faith Under Fire
FirstBaptistKingston |
11/20/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Daniel 3 Point 1: From the Crucible Comes a REVEAL ANSWER Point 2: That Can Stand the Test Any REVEAL ANSWER Point 3: That Will Bring REVEAL ANSWER to God Points to Ponder: When you find yourself in the crucible or the crisis, the key is to put your trust in God… He will never leave you or forsake you!
Taking Inventory
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11/20/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darbey - Psalm 103 Point 1: Thanksgiving is the Heart of Worship! “Thanksgiving is so important, because it lifts us up out of the moment and the things we are facing, and elevates us to the place where we can worhip!” “And worship, when we truly experience it, helps us and heals us, and gives us the joy to keep plugging on!” “Without Thanksgiving you will not be able to reach worship.” Q. The power of Thanksgiving is: 1) It will break the REVEAL ANSWER that your life situation has on your heart and mind. 2) It wll lift you up out of the hole where you can REVEAL ANSWER and get your bearings once again. 3) It will open your heart to REVEAL ANSWER God once again. Point 2: Taking Inventory is the Key to Thanksgiving! Q. What are some of the things that David listed that you are thankful for today? Point 3: Thanksgiving Transforms Our Lives! Q. What are some of the ways that Thaksgiving has transformed your heart and life? Points to Ponder: How long has it been since you blessed the Lord with heart-felt thanksgiving? Note: If this service has touched your heart today, and you would like to know how you can respond or to contact the pastor, go to our free APP, click “Get Involved” and then open the “Connect Card ” option. Thanks for worshipping with us today!
Do You See Them?
FirstBaptistKingston |
11/02/2017 |
Dr Dale Darley - Luke 7:36-50 Point 1: The Woman Simon Saw -The Scripture differentiates between this woman, and the woman caught in adultery (that I preached about a couple of months ago), by telling us that this woman was a ___________ . 1) Simon saw this woman…all he saw was ____________ ”TRASH!” -The Greek construction here denotes a person who was DEVOTED to a life of sin, not someone who had a lack of judgment. -She was a “sinner” by __________ “Before encountering Jesus, her life was nothing but the sum total of the lowest common denominator…yet she felt like she had accomplished something.” 2) Simon saw this woman in his living room! -She was not invited. -Her presence there was a personal insult to Simon, disrespecting his family and his position. 3) Simnon saw what she did! -To him, this was nothing but an Note: How does Simon’s thoughts and his omissions of common courtesy betray his true feelings about Jesus? Point 2: The Woman Jesus Saw Key Question = “Do you see this woman?” -Jesus saw the person she really was. -Jesus saw the change that had taken place in her. -Jesus saw what she did, and why she did it. Q. How would you tell someone about the transforming power of God’s forgiveness using this woman’s story? Point 3: The People We See -The key question for us today is : “Do you truly see the people you encounter on any given day?” -Simon was spiritually blind to others. Are you? Point to Ponder: Q. Have you ever asked God to help you see people the way that He does? Note: If this service has touched your heart today, and you would like to know how you can respond or to contact the pastor, go to our free APP, click “Get Involved” and then open the “Connect Card ” option. Thanks for worshipping with us today!
Wilson's - Story Project Video - Full
FirstBaptistKingston |
10/28/2017 |
Hear the Wilson's share their story of God working miracles through a tragedy in Sierra Wilson's life.
Lost In the System?
FirstBaptistKingston |
10/22/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Psalm 50:1-15 Point 1: We See a Glimpse of Who God Is (Always!) Q. What descriptors did the psalmist use to describe almighty God that impress you this morning? Point 2: We See a Glimpse of Who the People Were (Back Then) Q. What were the people doing right? Q. What were the people forgetting or omitting from their life and worship? Point 3: We See a Glimpse of Who We Really Are (Today) Q. How does our “system” of faith and worship differ from theirs? Q. How can we lose God in the system? Points to Ponder: “Some people will commit a catastrophic error… they will blame or disparage the system.” Your thoughts?
FirstBaptistKingston |
10/16/2017 |
Nothing Comes Close
FirstBaptistKingston |
10/09/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Proverbs 8:10-11 Point 1: The World’s Claim- Silver, Gold and Jewels are of Greatest Value Q. Have you ever come across lost valuables? Q. Have you ever dreamed of finding lost treasures? Point 2: Solomon’s Claim- Wisdom is of Greatest Value Point 3: God’s Claim- Compared to Wisdom, Nothing Comes Close
Man’s Search For Meaning
FirstBaptistKingston |
10/01/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - John 9:1-5 Point 1: A Physical Blindness -It is no accident, in light of the spiritual blindness of the Pharisees, that the next person the Lord Jesus encountered was physically blind! -The Scripture tells us that this man was a beggar, and that he had been blind from birth. Q. How would congenital blindness be viewed differently than other forms of blindness in Jesus’ day? Point 2: A Cognitive Blindness -Back in Jesus’ day, in that Jewish culture, there were some false beliefs that people held to that blinded them to this beggar’s situation, such as: 1) REVEAL ANSWER things only happen to “bad” people, and REVEAL ANSWER things only happen to “good” people. 2) All diseases, “accidents” and sufferings in life are the REVEAL ANSWER of an angry and vindictive God for the bad things that people do. 3) If you don’t do bad things, and if you don’t get God mad at you, then you will have a long and care-free, REVEAL ANSWER REVEAL ANSWER . Q. Suffering from such severe cognitive blindness, how would the people of Jesus’ day view this man’s physical blindness? Q. If a person today has the same cognitive blindness, how will they view the situations and circumstances of their lives? Point 3: A Spiritual Blindness -As debilitating and difficult as physical and cognitive blindness may be, spiritual blindness is far worse! -Human beings must have meaning or they will not REVEAL ANSWER . -In our society today, people have turned to two belief systems that provide no meaning at all: 1) Post-modernism 2) Atheism -The disciples were looking for blame, but but Jesus showed them the meaning they had missed in their spiritual blindness. Point to Ponder: Q. Are you looking for meaning in life, or ascribing blame?
The Depth of Grace!
FirstBaptistKingston |
09/24/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Point 1: The Grace of God Defies Our Reasoning! Point 2: The Grace of God Defies the Odds! Point 3: The Grace of God Defines Our Lives! Points to Ponder: 1) Have you ever responded to His grace? 2) Are you walking in that grace today? Note: If this service has touched your heart today, and you would like to know how you can respond or to contact the pastor, go to our free APP, click “Get Involved” and then open the “Connect Card ” option. Thanks for worshipping with us today!
Sisco - Story Project - Full Video
FirstBaptistKingston |
09/22/2017 |
Listen to Travis & Kayla Sisco share how God has been at work in their life.
Are You Too Busy For God?
FirstBaptistKingston |
09/17/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Luke 10:38-42 Point 1: Frustrating Circumstances -We see in the Scripture that Jesus often stayed at the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus in Bethany. -Given that hospitality was a big thing in Jewish society, we can understand why Martha was so stressed. Q. Why was Martha so angry with her sister? Q. How would you describe Martha’s personality? Point 2: Misplaced Priorities “Priorities” = Putting the good things of our lives in their proper place and perspective. Q. What did Charles Coleson mean when he talked about the “Tyranny of the Urgent?” “The REVEAL ANSWER things will scream for our attention, while the REVEAL ANSWER things quietly stand by, waiting for us to notice them.” -One kind a decision we need to make from time to time in our lives is REVEAL ANSWER . Q. Why should a believer beware of being a stranger to the altar? Point 3: Undetected Parasites -The key to understanding this passage is knowing what “things” Jesus was talking about in vs. 41. -The things that so consumed Martha’s thoughts and emotions were the REVEAL ANSWER ! -Martha didn’t need to get her priorities in order, she needed to remove the parasite that had entered her life. Parasites will: 1. Redirect your resources away from God. 2. REVEAL ANSWER off your strength. 3. They incress your REVEAL ANSWER . 4. They will make you too REVEAL ANSWER for God. -Sometimes even churches have to cull activities and ministries that have surpassed their usefulness. Q. What are symptoms of an over-committed church? Points to Ponder: Are you too busy for God? Are your priorities in order? Are there any undetected parasites in your life? Do you need to rededicate your heart and life right now? Note: If this service has touched your heart today, and you would like to know how you can respond or to contact the pastor, go to our free APP, click “Get Involved” and then open the “Connect Card ” option. Thanks for worshipping with us today!
Living Up to the Name!
FirstBaptistKingston |
09/11/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Matthew 25:31-46 Point 1: A Name is significant! Q. What are some of the names that people have used to designate and identify the followers of Christ down through the ages? Point 2:The Name “Christian” is important! Q. Why were we called “Christians” by the people in Antioch? Point 3:We are called to live up to that name! Q. During His ministry on earth, what did the Lord Jesus actually do wherever He went? Q. At the judgment yet to come one day, how did Christ describe those who truly loved and followed Him? How did He distinguish their lives from those who did not follow Him? Points to Ponder: All of the religious beliefs and piety we can espouse is empty if we don’t live up to our name! Q. Are you living up to the name you have been given? Note: If this service has touched your heart today, and you would like to know how you can respond or to contact the pastor, go to our free APP, click “Get Involved” and then open the “Connect Card ” option. Thanks for worshipping with us today!
FirstBaptistKingston |
09/04/2017 |
Faith After Forty? Dr. Dale Darley - II Samuel 21:15-17 Q. If you look at the lives of famous people… the heroes of the past… what propelled them to greatness? What differentiated them from others? What was the secret to their success? A. For each of these came a REVEAL ANSWER REVEAL ANSWER ! Point 1: The defining moment for King David was at the valley of Elah when he REVEAL ANSWER REVEAL ANSWER . Q. Who were the Philistines? Q. What was Goliath’s challenge? It was against all odds that David stepped forward and accepted the challenge… and won! -You would have never dreamed it possible because: 1. REVEAL ANSWER REVEAL ANSWER REVEAL ANSWER . 2. David’s REVEAL ANSWER . 3. of REVEAL ANSWER . This was the defining moment of David’s life: the giant was dead, the Philistines were utterly defeated, and Israel had a new king! Point 2: Forty years later the defining moment was very different… -Ishbi-benob was one of Goliath’s REVEAL ANSWER ! -Many scholars believe that he and David were the same age. -Verse 16 tells us that he fully intended to kill David. -Had Abishai not stepped in and saved David, the giant would have defeated him! Q. Think of the promise that David’s men made him swear… how profound is that? Point 3: David failed that day for two reasons… 1. David was fighting with REVEAL ANSWER REVEAL ANSWER REVEAL ANSWER this time. 2. David didn’t have the same REVEAL ANSWER he once had. “Spiritual battles are not won by earthly means, human efforts, or weapons of man!” “Spiritual power is not held in our abilities, but emanates from our faith in God.” Q. Have you ever tried to to fight the enemy with your power and on your terms? Points to Ponder: 1. You will never reach the age, Christian, where you have won the battle for this lifetime! 2. Don’t ever think that those enemies you’ve overcome in the past, can’t come back to fight against you again! 3. Never fall for the illusion that yesterday’s faith will be sufficient for today’s battle! Q. What does your faith look like right now? Note: If this service has touched your heart today, and you would like to know how you can respond or to contact the pastor, go to our free APP, click “Get Involved” and then open the “Connect Card ” option. Thanks for worshipping with us today!
That’s What Faith is For!
FirstBaptistKingston |
08/27/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - 2 Kings 4:1-7 Point 1: One Point In Common… 1. We all have our differences. -We have different backgrounds. -We have different personalities. -We have different life stories. 2.We all have one point in common. -We all have to live in a _________________ world. -We have all experienced a financial _______________! “God included so many financial illustrations in the Scriptures because they are common to us all, regardless to how much your have or don’t have.” Point 2: One Person’s Example… -This woman was a wife of a prophet. -She and her husband faithfully served God each day. -The crisis came when her husband suddenly died. Q. Why do you think her creditor was so uncaring about her plight? Q. How would some people respond to this kind of tragedy? -This woman turned to God! 1. She was willing to accept God’s _______________ ! 2. She was willing to believe God’s ________________ ! 3. She was willing to follow God’s ________________ ! Point 3: One Place to Start… -God wants us to respond with ____________! -God has promised to provide because He is our Provider. -God provides when we are obedient. -God provides enough for us AND others. Q. Are you willing to turn to God to face your problem? Q. Are you willing to accept the solution God gives you? Q. Are you willing to carry out His plan? Q. Are you trusting that God is able? Point to Ponder: “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19) Q. Have you found this to be true? Note: If this service has touched your heart today, and you would like to know how you can respond or to contact the pastor, go to our free APP, click “Get Involved” and then open the “Connect Card ” option. Thanks for worshipping with us today!
Students - Story Project - Full Video
FirstBaptistKingston |
08/25/2017 |
Hear some of our High School Students share about what God is doing in their life.
One Last Chance… Make It Count!
FirstBaptistKingston |
08/20/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Luke 23:35-43 Intro: Are you ready for the eclipse? -The reason that God sent signs in the heavens was to point people to the that He had for them! -If you see the signs but you miss the message, you have missed the main point! Q. What is the message of the Bible? What was it that Jesus came to tell us? Point 1: There are only two sides of the fence… -In life, and for all of eternity, there are only two realities or sides of the fence… and . -Every person alive is on one side or the other… there is no middle ground or neutral position. -Because of the disastrous choice of Adam and Eve, we are born on the wrong side of the fence! -If a person lives out their lifetime and dies on Sin’s side of the fence, they will spend eternity forever separated from God on that side! -Jesus called it everlasting death, or the . -The determining factor in which side you die on will be ! *Point 2 There are those, like the first crimminal, who will choose to Christ. * -He joined with the crowd and condemned Jesus. -He died that day on the wrong side of the fence! Point 3 There are those, like the second crimminal, who will choose to RECEIVE Christ. Q. How easy is it to put your faith in Christ if you are sincere? 1) Verse 40 - He realized that Jesus was God. 2) Verse 41 - He realized that he was a sinner. 3) Verse 42 - He Jesus to save him. Point 4: There are those who know enough to be saved… yet they . 1. They believe that they will have another chance… but this may be the last opportunity to choose… 2. They hope that they will be able to choose at the last moment of their lives… Point to Ponder: If you have not yet trusted Christ, will you do so today? Note: If this service has touched your heart today, and you would like to know how you can respond or to contact the pastor, go to our free APP, click “Get Involved” and then open the “Connect Card ” option. Thanks for worshipping with us today!
FirstBaptistKingston |
08/13/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley John 8:1-11 The Sanhedrin’s Motive was -Power, position and fortune are all strong factors in this motivator. -They were willing to step on anyone to get to the top in life. -They had lost sight of a long time ago… -They had lost sight of a long time ago… Signs that a person is driven by this motivation today: 1) They lose sight of what really matters in life. 2) Meaningful relationships become expendable. 3) They become distant from God because they don not have time… room in their hearts… or the ability to yield to His authority. 4) They don’t look up as they journey through life. The Woman’s Motive was Q. Was she just a sinner… a trashy person, a trollip or a tart? Q. Was she just a looser… easily manipulated? -(Vs. 3) The Scripture does not label her as a “bad” person… just an ordinary person like you and me. -Lineliness can lead a person to do many foolish things in life. Q. Why are people today turning to such self-diminishing and self-destructing behaviors and choices? ***Jesus’ Motive was -He could have stayed safe in heaven! -Jesus came to tell us that life is not about soul-emptying “success!” -Jesus came to tell us that we are not alone! -His offer was to turn away from ourselves and our sins to His forgiveness. Point to Ponder: What is the motivation for how you live right now?
It’s a Walk of Faith!
FirstBaptistKingston |
08/07/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley 2 Corinthians 5:7 We all with childlike faith… -Perhaps God gives us children to raise in life to bring us back to the reality of faith: 1) Raising a child makes you truly value what your parents did for you. 2) Raising a child reveals how many times God has protected you. 3) Raising a child helps you see that you don’t have all the answers. 4) Raising a child can bring you to your senses. 5) Raising a child can help you re-learn how to walk by faith. We all childlike faith along the way… -Life’s abrasions and pressures to conform can rob us of the truth. Q. How did my high school biology teacher view faith? Q. Do you agree with Norman Geisler and the premise of his book, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist“? There comes a point in life where we must … 1) The only way to come to God is by . 2) The only way to have a joyful Christian life, is to walk in childlike faith! Point to Ponder: To walk by faith, there has to be a first step. Q. Will you take that step right now? Note: If this service has touched your heart today, and you would like to know how you can respond or to contact the pastor, go to our free APP, click “Get Involved” and then open the “Connect Card ” option. Thanks for worshipping with us today!
FirstBaptistKingston |
07/31/2017 |
Rev Gary Alley John 15:1-8 1. A True Disciple Abides 2. A True Disciple Bears Fruit 3. A True Disciple Brings Glory To God WHAT I PLAN TO DO IN RESPONSE TO GOD’S TRUTH? TWEETABLE THOUGHT A true disciple of Jesus is identified by his/her relationship to Jesus and his/her production of spiritual fruit.
Joy Parrott - Final Long 1
FirstBaptistKingston |
07/28/2017 |
Hear Joy share about how God continues to make Himself known to her.
If You Stay Where You Are…
FirstBaptistKingston |
07/24/2017 |
Matthew 14:22-33. Dr. Dale Darley Point 1: Peter was an ordinary man. -John MacArthur, in his book,Twelve Ordinary Men, called him: “Peter, the Apostle with the - !” -Peter grew up in Galilee along with Andrew, James and John. -Peter was a commercial fisherman… -When Jesus called Peter to follow Him, His statement was that Peter would become a “fisher of men.” Greek = “Catch them , so you can keep them !” Point 2: Peter had some ordinary struggles. -Often when Jesus would go to great lengths to explain something, Peter didn’t get it. -There were times when Peter should have stepped up to the plate, and times when he should have just stayed in the dugout! -There were times when Peter made fantastic observations, and times when he should have kept his foot-shaped mouth shut. -Peter fell asleep in Gethsemane… -Peter was often paralized with fear… Point 3: Peter was caught in a extraordinary predicament. -Fighting a dangerous sea for eight hours to the point of exhaustion… -Facing an imminent demise… -Fearing a frightening aparition… Point 4: Peter took an extraordinary step! “Say anything you want to about Simon Peter… for one moment in time he !” 1) For the undecided, the security (your lifetime on earth) that you are holding onto, is fast slipping beneath the waves. Will you step out in faith and go to Jesus? 2) For the believer who is struggling with following God’s will for your life, will you remain in your comfort zone, or step out of the boat to follow Him? Point to Ponder: “Your comfort zone is a beautiful place… but nothing significant ever happens there.
A Chance Encounter?
FirstBaptistKingston |
07/17/2017 |
Dr. Dale Darley John 4:1-7a I. An Unexpected Journey: (Vs. 4) “He had to travel through Samaria…” Q. How do you think His disciples felt about this venture? 1) Jesus set a grueling ! 2) Jesus stopped at a specific ! 3) Jesus chose the moment in time! II. An Unexpected Result: A Samaritan woman met the Messiah at the well that day, and then invited the whole town to meet the man who had changed her heart and life! Q. How would you contrast Jesus’ attitude towards the woman, and her initial attitude towards Him? III. An Unexpected Twist: Seventeen-hundred years earlier, God was working in heart and life to dig a well! Q. What is significant or interesting about that well? Q. Why did Jacob dig a well that he knew he wouldn’t get to drink from? Point to Ponder: Are you a consumer Christian… or do you dig wells for the people who will come along after you?