Our Staff

Amanda Roberts

Financial & Digital Media Manager, Student Ministry Associate

Office: 865-376-6041

I grew up at FBC Kingston and gave my life to the Lord when I was 10 years old after the loss of my mom.  Through my teenage years the Lord pursued hard after me.  It was then that He began to call me out and began to give me a passion for ministry.  Since that moment as a teenager, realizing that God really did want to use me, I've been passionate about helping students understand the Lord's purposes for their life and helping them walk in the Truth of His Word.

I have been on staff at FBC since 2016 and it is one of the biggest blessings to not only serve the Lord in this capacity but to serve my church family.  My prayer for FBC is that the Lord would become so real to us that nothing in this world would matter and through that revelation we would invest all of our efforts into making disciples.

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