Collection of sermons delivered at First Baptist Church Kingston


In Remembrance
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07/22/2018 |
1Cor 11:17-30 Dr. Dale Darley
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07/15/2018 |
Coming To Terms With Your Past
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07/09/2018 |
Dr.Dale Darley
A Day of Good News
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07/03/2018 |
Kings 7:3-16 Dr. Dale Darley, Senior Pastor
An Ancient, Long-forgotten Enemy
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06/25/2018 |
Obadiah 1-15
Father's Day Message
FirstBaptistKingston |
06/21/2018 |
Mark 5:21-43 Dr. Dale Darley
Prayer and "The Way Things Work"
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06/10/2018 |
1 Kings 18:42-45 & James 5:16-18 Rev. Jody McLoud
Can These Bones Live
FirstBaptistKingston |
06/08/2018 |
Dale Darley - Ezekiel 37:1-14
Where Failure is Impossible
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06/08/2018 |
Dale Darley - John 3:1-21 Who Was Nicodemus? 1) Brother of Josephus Ben Gorion? 2) A Pharisee. 3) A member of the Sanhedrin. (35 Pharisees + 35 Sadducees + 1 High Priest) 4) Came to Jesus by night… Q. Why did he meet with Jesus secretly? What Did Nicodemus Say? Jesus said that for a person to have eternal life and live forever with God in heaven one day they MUST be BORN AGAIN! Q. How would you explain Jesus’ statement about that definitive moment in a person’s life using John 3:16-17? What Happened That Night To Nicodemus? Q. Did Jesus “fail” in His witness to Nicodemus? Q. What is the calling and responsibility of every born-again believer? What Was The Final Outcome With Nicodemus? What does John 7:50-53 and John 19:38-40 tell us about that late night encounter with Christ? Points to Ponder: God is looking for believers who will simply and consistently share their faith, and trust Him for the results!
Do You Know What to Ask For Your Children?
FirstBaptistKingston |
05/15/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Matthew 20:20-23 Point 1: A Family We Can Identify With Q. How was the family of Zebedee and Salome like your’s today? Q. If you have a son or sons, would their personality be more closely aligned with James (passionate & impulsive) or John (reserved and conservative)? Point 2: A Request We Can Relate To Q. Have you ever asked something for your children like Salome did? Q. After time for prayer and reflection, have you ever changed what you pray for your children? Point 3: A Respose We Wouldn’t Expect Q. Why did Jesus deny Salome’s request? Points to Ponder: “I believe that if we could just grasp the reality that God already has the best plan and will for our children’s lives, our prayerlife would change and enlarge dramatically! Q. With that in mind… what will you pray for your children?
Graduation - Now What
FirstBaptistKingston |
05/07/2018 |
Rev Gary Alley - Proverbs 3:1-10 1. Follow Simple Sandbox Rules 2. Identify the Target of Your Trust 3. Establish a Life Leader 4. Give with Alacrity
Claiming Our Inheritance
FirstBaptistKingston |
04/23/2018 |
Rev. Jody McLoud Ephesians 6:10-18
From Transparency to Transformation
FirstBaptistKingston |
04/15/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Rom 6:1-14 Point 1: Two Very Different Cities - Ephesus and Corinth Point 2: Two Very Different Concepts - Transparency and Transformation Point 3: Two Very Different Churches - Hospitals and Pain Clinics
The Ministry of Music
FirstBaptistKingston |
04/09/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - 2 Chronicles 30:20-27 and introducing our new Minister of Music Rev. Ron Green on piano
Vainly They Sealed the Dead
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04/02/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Matthew 27:62-66 Point 1: Three Days in the Tomb Q. How did Roman and Jewish ways of reckoning time differ? Point 2: Three Responses to the Cross 1) The disciples were scattered in fear. 2) The Romans were going on with life as usual. 3) The Sanhedrin were very nervous ! Point 3: Three Kinds of Unbelief 1) Seekers long to know Jesus for Who He really is! 2) Skeptics long to know Jesus, but there are questions they need answered before they can trust Him. 3) Scoffers have reached a decision before they were ever confronted with the truth about Who He really is!
“One Nobody Beside the Road”
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03/26/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Luke 18: 35-43 Point 1: The Window of Opportunity Point 2: The Window of Opportunity for Nobody Point 3: The Window of Opportunity for Somebody
“If You Knew…”
FirstBaptistKingston |
03/25/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Luke 19:28-44 Point 1:The Crowds Cheered! Passover was, pehaps, the favorite feast of the Jews for two reasons: 1) It was a commemoration of God’s mighty DELIVERANCE from slavery. 2) It was the Jeish equivalent of the FOURTH OF JULY! Q. Why do you think the Lord Jesus chose this time to enter the city? Point 2:The Disciples Reveled! Q. How would you describe the differences between the Lord’s emotions, an thos of the crowd and the disciples? Point 3:The Master…Cried? The ingressive, aorist, active indicative means that Jesus liteally BURST INTO TEARS. Q. What did Christ mean when He said, “because you did not recognize the time when God visited you.”? Points to Ponder: “The saddest situation of all, is that there are those who have heard the gospel, who know enough to be saved, but yet they stand by quietly and never recognize that God has visited them.”
March 11, 2018
FirstBaptistKingston |
03/12/2018 |
Rev Randy Roper Big Emory Baptist Association, Director of Missions
When You Live in Corinth
FirstBaptistKingston |
03/07/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - 1 Cor 11:1
My Brothers Guardian
FirstBaptistKingston |
03/01/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley Genesis 4:1-9 Point 1: Genesis tells us who we really are. Point 2: Genesis tells us what really happened. Point 3: Genesis tells us what we really need. Points to Ponder: You cannot guard what you cannot see.
Simon Says…?
FirstBaptistKingston |
02/18/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Acts 8:4-25 Introduction: The story of Simon de Montfort… Point 1: The Book of Acts is not only the “HISTORY BOOK ” of the New Testament, but also an account of the mighty works of the Holy Spirit! -God was moving in a mighty way in Samaria! -In this one instance the imparting of the Holy Spirit was distinct from their salvation experience. Q. Why was God deliberate about visibly sending the Holy Spirit to this people group? Point 2: This chapter records how Simon was gloriously saved! -Simon BELIEVED the good news! -Simon responded and was BAPTIZED! -Simon FOLLOWED the apostles. -But when Simon attempted to “buy” the Holy Spirit’s power, he was harshly rebuked by the apostles. Q. Was the apostle’s response to Simon warranted or unwarranted? Point 3: This story in Acts brings into sharp relief a difficulty we are facing as Christians in this day and time in which we live! Q. What one verse of the Bible do people most often quote today, even if they don’t know anything about the Scriptures? Q. What are the effects of “Moral Paralysis?”
A Close Listen
FirstBaptistKingston |
02/12/2018 |
Dr.Dale Darley - Matt. 26:7-13 Point 1: In COMMUNICATION the reception is just as important as the TRANSMISSION . -Most people only think of one side of communication, the transmission. -Regardless of the medium, listening is a crucial skill that must be developed if true communication is to take place. Q. How are your vital communication skills? Point 2: This passage communicates many important truthes. -Name some of the truths you have found in this passage: Point 3: One over-looked truth of this passage is that RESOLUTION will not always happen in our lives. Q. How do you respond when it does not happen for you? Q. How did this woman respond?
The Measure of Compassion
FirstBaptistKingston |
02/06/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Luke 10:25-37 Had you grown up in Israel during the first-century thee are several things you would have been born with: 1. A real DISLIKE for the Romans! 2. A HEALTHY RESPECT for the “Religious Establishment.” 3. A PROFOUND HATRED for the Samaritans. 4. An understanding of where NOT to go alone. Point 1: A Tempting question: Q. How would you describe this “expert’s” opinion of Jesus? Q. With what wisdom did Christ approach this attempt to discredit and damage Him? Point 2: A Touching Story: Q. Why didn’t the priest and the levite help the poor man? Q. What is significant about the Samaritan? Point 3: A True Assessment: Q. What is the measure of compassion? Q. Is real compassion for others merely having sympathy for someone who is hurting, or does it go farther?
Hindrances and Sins
FirstBaptistKingston |
01/28/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley - Hebrews 12:1-2 Point 1: Hebrews warns us about SIN that ensnares us along the way. Q. Do you really comprehend the tactics your enemy uses against you? Point 2: Hebrews reminds us about the HINDRANCES or WEIGHTS that ensnare us along the way. Q. In what ways can the extra weights go unnoticed? Point 3: Along the way in life a believer has to evaluate her/his life if they are to finish this course Points to Ponder: How much easier would your life be right now if you were to simply let go of, or joyfully lay down, the hindrances and sins that you carry today?
Why Life Matters
FirstBaptistKingston |
01/21/2018 |
Dr. Dale Darley Psalms 139:13-16