Our Staff

Jody McLoud

Business Administrator & Teaching Pastor

Office: 865-376-6041

Mobile: 865-742-6019

I was saved at a revival, here at First Baptist, Kingston in the spring of 1963.  From 1970 until 1979, I did not follow or even seek God’s counsel with any consistency.  In 1979, I suspect as a result of persistent prayer by loved ones, God’s Holy Spirit used a series of events that contained both, blessings and hardships, to lead me to repentance.  In the 40 years since, God has not only provided, protected and delivered me through every trial and challenge, He has blessed me beyond measure in spirit, soul, body, heart, mind and will.  He sent the vast majority of those blessings through the members of my family, at home and at church.

 A few interesting things about me: I am a close, personal friend of Ronald E. “Thin Man” Morton.  I am a charter member of the All Van Band.  My grandchildren voted me, Most Favorite, “Poppa,” on their Momma’s side.

 My Prayer for First Baptist Church, Kingston is Revival!

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