Devotional Aids

Right Now Media  This also includes downloads and apps.

Life Application Study Bible Devotions and Reading plan.  This also includes downloads and apps.

Our Daily Bread.  Daily devotions.

Through the Bible Daily Devotions. Morning and Evening devotions.


 Bible Reading Plan 

Six month plan  |  PDF file  |  A 180 day plan to read through the entire Bible.

Three year plan  |  PDF file |  A three year plan to read through the Bible..

Bible Gateway Reading plans. Several ways and methods of planned readings.


Suggested Links

Answers in Genesis.  Intelligent design and evolution are discussed and evaluated.  An affiliate of Dallas Theological Seminary and tremendous amount of resources for teachers and leaders.

Big Emory Baptist Association. Our local association of churches in Roane and Morgan Counties.

Crown Financial Ministries. A website dedicated to instilling Biblical principles in all financial matters.

Moody Broadcasting. Online access to to the world's premier Christian Broadcasts.

Southern Baptist Convention. The home for SBC life and information.

Tennessee Baptist Convention. The home for TBC life and information.

Turning Point Ministries. One of America's leading Baptist pastors, Dr. David Jeremiah', has devotionals, resources and apps.