Welcome to FBC Students!

Our Student Ministry exists to teach students to truly love God.  We believe that if we get the discipleship piece right, worship, evangelism, fellowship, and service/missions will be a natural extension of this love.

Our purpose for FBC Students can be summed up in three action statements.  We are to lead students to:

Know Him

Knowing Jesus personally is the starting point.  It is our primary purpose to introduce every student to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Go With Him

The next step is for our personal relationship with Jesus to grow and mature.  It is our purpose to provide every student with ongoing, relevant instruction that not only enhances (increases) their Biblical literacy, but facilitates the development of a life-long, vibrant, daily, practical relationship with our Lord.

Show Him

To complete the process, we are committed to impacting our world for Jesus Christ.  It is our purpose to create Great Commission students by equipping them to be the voice, hands and feet of Jesus in their families, church, school, and community, always pointing others to the Savior.

Grades 6-8: Join us for fun and fellowship Sunday mornings & Sunday nights, as well as Wednesday nights.

Grades 9-12: Join us as we seek to connect with and reach out to all students in our community and show them the love of Christ through building relationships at every opportunity.

We desire that every college student know that they have a place to call home and a group of people to call family.  Come join us as we walk through this thing we call life.